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Our Embroidered Personalised Gifts

Whilst many of orders we receive are for our very popular embroidered cushions, we also offer a variety of other embroidered, personalised gifts too; our full range is:

Image: embroidered Birth Cushion gift

What about the Quality?

The raw materials we use to make our gifts come from shops in Spain and also the UK. We have our favourite suppliers and base our choice on only the best quality silks, cottons, linens plus also value-for-money for our customers.

How long will it take to make my special gift?

Image: spools of thread To some extent this depends on what the gift is and exactly what is to be embroidered on it:
  • a baby cushion takes roughly 10 hours in total
  • a baby quilt around 48 hours
  • a single quilt about 1 week
  • a very simple design can take as little as 30 minutes
When we chat together about your ideas and special requirements, we’ll be able to give you a clearer estimate of how long it will take to make your personal, embroidered gift.

Prices of our personalised, embroidered gifts

The price list below covers the majority of our items but please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote of a special gift you may be considering.

How do I pay?

We accept cash of course so if you are visiting our stalls, this is the easiest way to pay.

For customers ordering from abroad or other parts of Spain, we have a PayPal account, which is a quick easy and secure way of paying for your gift; we’ll give you the details of the account when we chat about your requirements.

Sew in Jeanius Price list

Gift - Cushions Size Price £’s (GBP)
Wedding cushions made to any colour 10in x 12in (25cm x 31cm) approx. £25 + £12 p.p.
Satin baby cushion
(includes name, DOB, weight & day)
10in x 12in (25cm x 31cm) approx. £25 + £12 p.p.
Satin christening cushion
(includes with name etc.)
10in x 12in (25cm x 31cm) approx. £25 + £12 p.p.
Gift cushion for girl or boy 10in x 12in (25cm x 31cm) approx. £20 + £12 p.p.
Cushion covers in any design 18in x 18in (46cm x 46cm) approx. £15 + £10 p.p.
Tooth fairy cushions 10in x 10in (25cm x 25cm) approx. £12 + £10 p.p.
Ribbon cushions 10in x 12in (25cm x 31cm) approx. £20 + £12 p.p.
Patchwork baby cushion
(includes DOB, weight, time & day)
16in x 16in (41cm x 41cm) approx. £25 + £12 p.p.
Other Gifts
Patchwork baby cot quilt
with baby’s name on centre
20in x 30in (51cm x 77cm) approx. £30 + £12 p.p.
Single bed patch work quilts 78in x 59in (200cm x 50 cm) approx. £60 + £20 p.p.
Set of towels:
These can have anything on them
for adult or child
1 bath, 1 hand & 1 flannel £25 + £12 p.p.
Wedding or any special cards 5in x 7in (145cm x 98 cm) approx. £6 + £3 p.p.
Flannels Average flannel size £3.50 + £2.50 p.p.
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