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Unique and personalised embroidered gifts, made to order for any occasion!

At “Sew in Jeanius” we specialise in made-to-order, personalised, embroidered gifts for every occasion and for all your loved ones, friends and family!

We are a British family business, now based in Malaga, Spain but our customer base is all over Spain and the UK and of course we can make unique gifts for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Firm favourites of our loyal customers, for births, weddings, christenings, birthdays, Christmas etc., are our personalised, embroidered:
  • Cushions
  • Towels
  • Flannels
  • Baby-grows
  • T-shirts
  • Cards
  • Bags
  • Aprons
  • Sacks
  • Patchwork quilts
  • Throws

Embroidered cushions and other gifts made to your specific
(and very special) requirements

Of course, we make all of our unique gifts to order so you can be sure there is not another gift exactly the same, anywhere in the world! We like to chat with you about what ideas you have and how we can make the gift highly intimate and individual.

You may have a special verse you would like on a cushion for example or you may like us to include a favourite cartoon character for a child’s present. We will always do our utmost to accommodate your personal requests.

Don’t worry if you don’t have too many ideas! That’s what we are here for! We’ll ask you to tell us about the person the gift is for – what age, what sort of character they are, do they have a favourite saying, team or singer, song, band, place, drink, food etc. We’ll take all that into account and we’ll look for special features and motifs we can add that really say something unique about the person who is receiving the gift.

Unique gifts that are lovely to look at – and practical too!

Image: Thomas the Tank engine Christmas sack

As well as being lovely, individual gifts, our embroidered products can be very practical too! Take your personalised t-shirt on holiday, use your Christmas sack or advent calendar year in, year out and use your embroidered flannel every day!

We remember for Christmas 2010 making 14 “Grandchildren bags” for a local customer. The boys’ had draw strings and the girls had handles – 17 months later they are all still using them for all sorts of fun and games!

Where to find us / How to order

Full details of how to get in touch are available on our contact page.

For lots more information about all of our personalised, embroidered, gifts, how long it takes to make them and our prices, visit our personalised gifts page.

For the perfect “special gift” solution, to say “Happy Birthday” or “Thank you”, to wish a “Merry Christmas” or to say “I Love You”; to make someone laugh and see someone smile – contact Sew in Jeanius for your personalised and unique embroidered gift!

About Sew in Jeanius

Welcome to my website, I’m Jean (yes that is where the “Jeanius” in “Sew-In-Jeanius” comes from!).

Image: Embroidery tools

I have been making personalised gifts for around 15 years now – ever since I bought my first embroidery machine back in the UK. At first I simply made my own gifts for family and friends, particularly for special occasions like a Wedding, Birth or Christening.

Word got around and soon family and friends – and friends of friends – would approach me for something special and unique, to mark an important occasion (or sometimes to say “Thank You” or “Sorry” to someone!).

I really enjoyed making something out-of-the-ordinary and very personal and it was a labour of love.

When I moved to Spain the tradition of gift making continued and so did the requests from customers “back home”. I also started embroidering the cushions, flannels etc as prizes for the Royal British Legion raffle here in Spain and through word of mouth my customers over here soon grew, with plenty of British “ex pats”, retirees and also Spanish friends asking me to make special gifts.

There is a real sense of satisfaction in giving someone so much pleasure, knowing the gift they will receive is something they will probably keep all their lives and knowing it will remind them of that “special occasion”.

I love to see our loyal and new customers at the stalls in Malaga, have a chat and hear about how the special gift they ordered from Sew in Jeanius was received. So if you are ever nearby, please come and visit, we’ll always make you very welcome!

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